Freeze and store 12 fresh loaves of bread. It can.

The Liebherr GP 1386 freezer is an energy-efficient 55 cm wide table top model with a capacity of 103 liters. The SmartFrost system has smooth inner walls for faster and easier cleaning and defrosting. With digital temperature display and convenient automatic freezing system. Freeze and store in any drawer.

Smarter freezing and easier defrosting.

SmartFrost stands for easy cleaning and faster defrosting, better freezing capacity and more flexibility thanks to VarioSpace.

Longer storage time in case of power failure.

With the cold battery in the freezer section, the storage time can be extended in the event of a power failure. The standard storage time in the event of a power failure is shown in the product specifications for the model (measured without battery).  The cold battery provides more cooling, which means that the frozen products are additionally protected against unwanted temperature increases. The cold battery is also ideal as a cool coaster on a table or in a cooler bag when shopping.

Enough room for the highest ice cream cake.

All freezer drawers and the glass shelves below them (if any) can be easily removed. This creates VarioSpace: a practical system for additional storage space so that even the highest ice cream cake can be stored.

With left or right hinged door.

With the possibility of changing the door opening direction, the cabinet is always easily accessible. All household models are factory fitted with right-hinged doors and are prepared for hinge change.

Also suitable for less level floors.

Thanks to the height-adjustable feet of up to approx. 1 cm, the appliances can be optimally adjusted. This ensures that the appliance is stable - even on uneven surfaces.

Audible warning of malfunction.

If the temperature exceeds the set value, you will be warned by means of an acoustic signal.

Quality control after power failure.

After a power failure, the display shows the highest temperature that the air in the freezer compartment has reached. With this information, the quality and shelf life of the frozen foods can be better estimated.

Secured against children's hands.

Activating the childproof lock prevents the accidental switching off of the appliance. When the childproof lock is activated, this is indicated by a symbol in the display.

The Liebherr quality

As a refrigeration and freezer specialist, Liebherr is constantly developing new solutions for greater refrigeration comfort, ease of operation and energy savings. High-quality materials finished in detail, modern and precise electronic controls and an environmentally friendly production process guarantee the proverbial Liebherr quality.

Freeze and store in any freezer drawer.

Moving frozen products is not necessary. Products can be frozen quickly and vitamin-friendly in every drawer. The all-round sealed freezer drawers with transparent front are extra high and removable. In this way, they guarantee an optimal view of the products in the drawer.  Each drawer has 2 handles for safe removal.

Suitable for barn or garage (> -15°C).

All chest freezers and freezer cabinets with FrostProtect are suitable for installation in rooms with ambient temperatures from -15°C. 

Door can be opened with little force

After putting all your groceries in the freezer, you realize you forgot something and have to pull hard on the door to open it again. Thanks to EasyOpen, the door can easily be opened several times in a row. 

Caractéristiques physiques
Classe climatique SN (10-32°C), T (16-43°C)
Couleur Blanc
Hauteur 85,1 cm
Largeur 55,3 cm
Matière Acier
Nombre de tiroirs congélateur 4
Profondeur 62,4 cm
Capacité de congélation 7 kg/24h
Conservation en cas de coupure de courant 15 heure
Volume net congélateur 103 Litres
Consommation d'énergie
Classe énergétique D
Classe sonore C
Consommation annuelle d'électricité 136 kWh
Niveau sonore 37 dB(A)
Type de congélateur Bar

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