Never defrost again

This NoFrost freezer never needs defrosting. With the Touch & Swipe color display all functions can be operated. Thanks to the integrated drawer guide, the freezer drawers are pulled closed by the last 5 cm. VarioSpace for extra high storage space is standard and LED lighting ensures a good view of the products in the pulled out drawers. The door with SoftSystem always closes softly. Can be placed next to a built-in cooler or wine cabinet without condensation problems thanks to the warm wall.

Never defrost again.

NoFrost models from Liebherr offer professional freezer technology. The food is frozen with a chilled air flow where the heat and humidity are automatically removed.

Suitable for SmartHome applications.

This model is prepared to be connected to the WIFI home network. For example, after inserting a SmartDeviceBox (accessory), SuperFrost (-32°C) is automatically switched on when you are at your favorite supermarket so that the frozen foods are frozen extra quickly when you get home. Or you will be alerted when someone at home has left the refrigerator door open.

Unlimited combining.

This appliance is equipped with a warm wall on both sides. This allows for endless combinations. The warm wall prevents condensation between the cabinets so that you can safely place multiple models next to each other.

Connection cable supplied separately

The 2.2 meter long 220V power cord is supplied loose in the package. This prevents transport damage and is easy when moving the appliance. An extra long cord of 3 meters can be ordered as an accessory.

Energy-efficient, bright lighting.

The LED lighting provides an optimal view of the extended freezer drawer.

Soft close guarantee.

Even with full hands, a small push is enough to gently close the door. The SoftSystem not only dampens the movement when closing but also ensures that the door always closes properly from 30°.

Always the right distance.

The four mounting points have spacers that ensure the unit is placed at the right depth in the furniture cabinet.

Always stable.

Thanks to the height-adjustable feet, the devices can be optimally adjusted. As a result, the unit is always stable.

Perfect installation for everyone.

With the fastening plate, the furniture panel is mounted directly on the door of the refrigerator in the door-to-door models. Thanks to the mounting plate, the furniture panel can be adjusted in height, width and depth. This allows Liebherr built-in appliances to be adjusted perfectly.

Longer storage time in case of power failure.

The cold accumulator in the freezer section extends the storage time in the event of a power failure. The standard storage time in the event of a power failure is shown in the product specifications for the model (measured without battery).  The cold battery provides more cooling, which means that the frozen products are additionally protected against unwanted temperature increases. The cold battery is also ideal as a cool coaster on a table or in a cooler bag when shopping.

Super fast and efficient freezing.

The quantity-controlled SuperFrost automatic ensures that the temperature drops to -32°C so that products are frozen quickly and with retention of vitamins. After the freezing process, the duration of which depends on the number of kilos of fresh products, SuperFrost automatically switches off and the set temperature is maintained again. This is the most economical way of freezing.

Enough space for the highest ice cream cake.

All freezer drawers and the glass shelves below them (if any) can be easily removed. This creates VarioSpace: a practical system for additional storage space so that even the highest ice cream cake can be stored.

With left or right hinged door.

With the possibility of changing the door opening direction, the cabinet is always easily accessible. All household models are factory fitted with right-hinged doors and are prepared for hinge change.

Quality control after power failure.

After a power failure, the display shows the highest temperature reached by the air in the freezer compartment. With this information, the quality and shelf life of the frozen foods can be better estimated.

Secured against children's hands.

Activating the childproof lock prevents the accidental switching off of the appliance. When the childproof lock is activated, this is indicated by a symbol in the display.

The Liebherr quality

As a refrigeration and freezer specialist, Liebherr is constantly developing new solutions for greater refrigeration comfort, ease of operation and energy savings. High-quality materials finished in detail, modern and precise electronic controls and an environmentally friendly production process guarantee the proverbial Liebherr quality.

Maintient une fermeture optimale.

Le caoutchouc de la porte est facile à changer soi-même. En retirant l'ancien caoutchouc, on peut facilement le remplacer en enfonçant le nouveau caoutchouc dans l'encoche. De cette façon, vous maintenez toujours une fermeture parfaite du réfrigérateur. 

Un simple glissement vers les paramètres.

Tous les réglages sont faciles à utiliser grâce à l'écran tactile. L'écran couleur peut être réglé sur 12 langues, dont le néerlandais. L'écran affiche la température actuelle et est préparé pour les fonctions futures.  

Congélation et stockage dans chaque tiroir de congélation.

Il n'est pas nécessaire de déplacer les produits congelés. Les produits peuvent être congelés rapidement et les vitamines sont à portée de main dans chaque tiroir. Les tiroirs de congélation fermés sur tout le pourtour, avec façade transparente, sont extra hauts et amovibles. Ils garantissent ainsi une vue optimale des produits dans le tiroir.  Chaque tiroir est doté de 2 poignées pour un déplacement en toute sécurité.

Caractéristiques physiques
Classe climatique SN (10-32°C), T (16-43°C)
Fermeture Porte sur porte
Hauteur 87,2 cm
Largeur 55,9 cm
Nombre de tiroirs congélateur 4
Profondeur 54,6 cm
Fermeture douce
Capacité de congélation 10 kg/24h
Conservation en cas de coupure de courant 10 heure
No Frost
Volume net congélateur 87 Litres
Consommation d'énergie
Classe énergétique D
Classe sonore B
Consommation annuelle d'électricité 153 kWh
Niveau sonore 34 dB(A)
Type de congélateur intégré Intégré
Alarme porte ouverte

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